The TMK Claims Human Way


We are different from our competitors in three important ways, where we seek to:

  • see things through the lens of our policyholders and brokers
  • listen and put the policyholder’s interest first
  • operate not in a transactional way but in a human way; empathetically, fairly and with kindness


We remain focused on the human relationship with our policyholders and brokers. This means we work to understand the policyholder’s perspective, the meaning and importance of the loss to them. In this way we put their interests at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

Gracechurch Service Quality Marque – Outstanding

TMK has consistently been awarded the Outstanding marque by leading independent benchmarking research firm Gracechurch Consulting. In 2020, TMK was named market leader for its London Market Claims service and performance, after ranking first in all 10 service attributes in the Gracechurch report.

Should you require further information on how to make a claim then please visit our website at:

How to make a claim