Consequential loss and Trade Disruption Insurance protects our clients against unexpected disruption to their supply chain following a variety of political, marine or physical perils. It allows clients who rely on individual infrastructure assets, suppliers, customers or delivery routes to have more certainty over bottom line revenue in the face of unexpected events.

Key Territories
  • Worldwide excluding North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Syria
Placing Method
  • Open market
  • MII
  • MAP
  • Trade disruption insurance (TDI)
  • Delay in start-up (DSU)
  • Project cargo and delays
  • Shipbuilding delayed delivery and cancellation
  • Charter frustration and cancellation (excluding financial default)
  • Port blockage
  • Vessel’s loss of revenue 
  • Shipbroker commissions

Sector Appetite

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Communications, media and technology
  • Construction
  • Energy and mining
  • Entertainment and leisure
  • Financial institutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power and utility
  • Public sector and education
  • Real estate
  • Transportation and logistics
  • In appetite
  • On a case by case basis